BIT Blog: A Year in Review

In the past year, the BIT blog has provided over 80 quality, informative articles related to various topics across all areas of BIT. Recent analytics prove it has been a successful social media platform since its launch in May 2012 and continues to increase in page views and subscribers. 

All time total page views of the blog are approximately 15,500. 

Of the top ten articles viewed during the duration of the blog, six of them were published in the first half of 2013. The top ten most viewed articles include:

1.    2013 BIT Summer Internships
2.     Security: Emerging Trends and Threats for 2013
3.     How to Protect Information on Smartphones
4.     Latest Job Postings for BIT
5.     Software Engineers Speak to Students
6.     Boston Marathon Bombing: Malware & Financial Fraud
7.     Upcoming Job Fairs
8.     Mobile Site or Mobile App?
9.     Priorities for 2013
10.  Pink Fridays

One of the topics that continue to be the most popular for the BIT blog are the employment opportunities within BIT, job fairs and available internships. The overall viewership of the blog has increased quite rapidly from month to month, with its highest month of viewership in May 2013 with over 2,600 viewers. This growth can be attributed to increased awareness of the blog, more engaging articles and the rising trend of social media interaction.

Writing appealing, content-rich and educational articles for the BIT audience is extremely important and can be seen in the large amount of views in posts like Leading the Way in Technological Updates and BIT Technology Review Process 101. In addition to these articles, those covering cyber security and standard updates were also the most popular posts viewed in May 2013.

The BIT blog continues to be a proven source of quality information for clients, but also for BIT employees. Through analyzing analytics, it can be assumed that it will continue to improve and reach a wider audience in the year ahead.

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