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Swim. Bike. Persevere. Repeat.

“Everyone’s got a story,” BIT employee, Mike Waldner, has always said.

Waldner’s triathlon story began like most other people’s. He was a pretty fit guy from the beginning. While playing racquetball with his trainer buddy, Eric Redinger, Mike asked if he could help him with a weight-training and fat-reduction program–because healthy guys like to get healthier.

Redinger complied and went even further by encouraging Mike to look into participating in a triathlon. Amid Redinger’s encouragement, South Dakota native all-star triathlete, Jason Crisp, also crossed Mike’s path. Both Crisp and Redinger teamed up to convince Mike to try a triathlon.

Eventually, Mike succumbed to Pierre pressure. He trained, competed, and excelled. Often scoring the top ten of local sprints and posting respectable times in longer distance races out of state. The rest of his triathlon journey should have been history…

Mike’s journey, however, took a sharp turn in 2015 when he received a diagnosis that explained th…

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