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Continuous Improvement (Lean) - Event #2: Takt Board - Visualizing How A Project Moves

BIT Development is striving to make its work more transparent and is accomplishing that through the Continuous Improvement (Lean) process. The process began with a review of the rate at which projects move through BIT Development – from the time an agency requests an initial project estimate until implementation of the developed item. This is defined as the Project Cycle Time and is comprised by the phases of the Project Development Life Cycle (SDLC): Initial Estimate, Initiation, Analysis & Design, Development, User Acceptance Testing, and Implementation.

Before implementing Lean, BIT Development had no clear way to tell how many projects had been started or completed or where they were in the SDLC phases without manually counting them. Every development team had their own process and there were no standards followed across teams. Because of these challenges, BIT Development was unable to effectively manage its resources and manage the flow of projects coming in and going out.…

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