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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

BIT Employee Spotlight: Dan Maxfield

VMWare, Inc is a US software company that provides cloud and virtualization software and services. Since the inception of VMware, user groups that use the software have surfaced as well. Probably the most familiar being the VMware User Group (also known as VMUG).

VMUG officially launched in August of 2010. It identifies itself as an independent, global, customer-led organization that was created to help members maximize the use of VMware as well as provide knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, and events amongst its members. Today VMUG has over 110,000 members worldwide!

Recently, VMUG released its very first quarterly digital publication known as the VMUG Compass! I had the pleasure of chatting with one of our very own, Dan Maxfield, who had the opportunity to help partake in the creation of this publication. Maxfield explains, “This is the very first one. We are trying to get more category-based articles, whether that be ‘how-to’ tutorials or ‘tips-and-tricks’ editorials. We are trying to target a large audience so it appeals to a wider variety of people.”

Through fellow BIT employee, Bonnie Bauder, Dan was initially introduced to the South Dakota VMUG chapter. The South Dakota chapter was first started in November of 2011 and Dan later joined in 2013. Dan explained that Bonnie really helped “open channels” for him, offering him the position as co-leader for the South Dakota chapter, which enabled the two to share the responsibilities of lining up vendors and speakers for the group. However, the growth didn’t stop there.

Bonnie currently serves on the Board of Directors for VMUG at an international level and Dan has since then obtained positions on the Communications and Content Committee, Nominations Committee, and Editorial Advisory Board on the international level. Being on these Committees enables Dan to look over the articles submitted for the Compass and partake in reviewing abstracts for the VMUG eLearning center.

Bonnie explained, “One thing to note is that VMUG is an international group, not just for the US.  All the committees and the board are composed of members from around the world, so to be on the number of committees he is on, especially as a new leader, is a testament to his commitment and recognition as a valued member of the community.”

Currently, Dan is already working on the next issue for the VMUG Compass. They are hoping to get out after VMWord in August.

VMUG is free to join! For more information about becoming a member, head to their website:

You can subscribe to get newsletters, webinars, and product offerings. To check out the first edition of VMUG Compass click this link:

Way to go Dan & Bonnie, BIT is proud to have you as one of our own!

Monday, July 27, 2015

BIT Employee Spotlight: Zachary Kantack

One of our very own, Zachary Kantack just so happens to be starring in the local production “Little Shop of Horrors.” Zach started acting around middle school- primarily during speech competitions.

Prior to landing this role, the seasoned veteran has been a part of numerous other plays, the majority of which were held at Dakota State University, where he attended school.

Zach plays the meek floral assistant, Seymour Krelborn who he describes as a “very unlucky guy who works in a very run down flower shop. He’s very kind, and has a talent with the plants, but lacks a backbone.”

The play focuses on his character, floral assistant Seymour Krelborn, who stumbles across a new breed of plants he names “Audrey II” after his coworker on whom he has a crush. After a while, Seymour realizes that Audrey II is literally “out-of-this-world” having a “thirst” for things like global domination, unending fame, and blood. You know- things any intergalactic plant would want.

Zach describes this production as being a “sort of nod to classic Hollywood sci-fi films. Mixed together with comedy, drama, and rock & roll music. I’ve never heard of any other play like it.” When asked if Zach shared any similarities with his character Seymour he stated, “I don’t think so… but I am hoping that will make the show all the more convincing.”

Haven’t had an opportunity to see the production yet? No worries! Here are a few other chances for you to catch it:

Thursday, July 30th
Friday, July 31st
Saturday, August 1st
Doors Open @ 7:00pm, Performance @ 7:30pm
Sunday, August 2nd
Sunday Matinee Doors Open @ 1:30pm, Performance at 2:00pm

 The performance will be held at the Grand Opera House on Pierre Street.  
To reserve your tickets, please call 605-224-7826.