Priorities for 2013

Earlier this week, NASCIO, which represents state chief information officers and information technology executives from the U.S. states, territories, and the District of Columbia, released its list of the Top Ten Policy and Technology Priorities for 2013. Each year NASCIO conducts this type of survey to identify the top ten strategies, management processes and solutions for state governments, as well as top priorities in technologies, applications and tools.

The listing is based on input received nationwide from all states. South Dakota has many endeavors across all areas of the list, however we determined that the areas listed below were a priority for the upcoming year and in fact, also made the overall NASCIO list. 

Technologies, Applications and Tools
  • Mobile workforce technologies
  • Legacy application modernization / renovation
  • Security enhancement tools
  • Not in the NASCIO list, but has been identified as a priority in South Dakota: Staff training as well as staff recruitment and retention.

Strategies, Management Processes and Solutions

Security: risk assessment, governance, budget and resource requirements, security frameworks, data protection, training and awareness, insider threats, third party security practices as outsourcing increases, determining what constitutes "due care" or "reasonable".

Healthcare: the Affordable Care Act, health information and insurance exchanges, health enterprise architecture, assessment, partnering, implementation, technology solutions, Medicaid Systems (planning, retiring, implementing, purchasing), eligibility determination.

Legacy modernization: enhancing, renovating, replacing, legacy platforms and applications, business process improvement. 

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity: improving disaster recovery, business continuity planning and readiness, pandemic flu / epidemic and IT impact, testing.

Not in the NASCIO list, but has been identified as a priority in South Dakota: Customer Relationship Management. 

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