Marcia Graves: A Quilting Extraordinaire

Marcia Graves, a software engineer for Development, began quilting almost 40 years ago when she made a baby gift for her nephew who is about to retire from the Army- and still has the quilt!

It took Marcia about two weeks to make the quilt with the dogs and about a month to make the pastel quilt. When asked what the hardest part of the quilting process was she explained, “Nothing is hard. It takes some effort to get the corners to match but it is so great when they do. The really fun part is hunting for just the right fabric. Sometimes it takes months to find just the right piece!!”

Marcia explained that with her quilts she does the patchwork and has friends who do the quilting; which once again involves finding just the right pattern. She elaborated, “for the dog quilt, the pattern is shotgun shells and for the pastel quilt (I call it Sea Glass) the pattern is called ‘surf’.”

Marcia joked, “I have an artistic side and since a paint brush is a weapon in my hands, I have to find another outlet. I love picking out the patterns and colors and then seeing them come to life in the finished product!”

We look forward to seeing your future creations, Marcia!

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