2013 BIT Summer Internships

The State of South Dakota Intern Program was created to provide opportunities for students to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of governmental processes through pre-professional work experiences in various occupational fields. The Intern Program offers internships for students in many areas, some of which include accounting, corrections, education, engineering, fisheries and wildlife, law, marketing, nursing, pharmacy, public relations, and technology-based.

Below are the current internship positions available within BIT for the summer 2013 session. The deadline to apply is February 2, 2013. Some have extended the deadline --- see specifics below. See position descriptions for minimum salary information.

Apply or search for any of the below internships by clicking on the links that have been provided. The links will take you directly to the position page on the South Dakota Bureau of Human Resources website where you can then apply.

New Media or Social Media Analyst: Job ID 929
Intern will work directly with the BIT Social Media Manager. Principal responsibilities and potential projects include, but are not limited to the following: build on the current social media policy and provide recommendations, provide social media reports and analysis based on sound research, create content and discussion topics for future social media forums for state government communicators, develop weekly news briefings relative to social media strategies and concepts for state government communicators, write articles to use on the BIT blog and newsletter, develop recruitment videos of selected BIT staff and available positions to use on social media platforms, attend Senior Leadership Team meetings on a bi-weekly basis and other meetings as assigned. More here.

Deadline Extended: February 28, 2013
Intern Reporter will: learn and perform duties equal to those of an entry-level professional Multi-Media Reporter in a public radio/public media environment; cover and report all kinds of news stories in person, over internet or over phone; write for broadcast and for web (sdpb.org); have the ability to produce and edit audio and/or video for broadcast and web using Adobe Audition, Final Cut Pro or other similar software; have the ability to participate in live unscripted questions/answer interview (or "talkback") with show host; host live news programs as needed and as skill level and aptitude allow; have possible assignment with professional Radio/TV producers or reporters;  perform basic news judgment. Other duties as assigned.  Summer interns are expected to be available to work 40 hours/week and may be required to cover for regular staff during holidays and vacations. More here.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Migration: Job ID 931

Intern will assist the Enterprise Application Integration Administrator, Architect, and Developers in the documentation of migration efforts from the current state standards software to its replacement software. Intern will also have the opportunity to learn about Application Integration, Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Development, Integrations and more as well as cutting edge Enterprise Service Bus and EAI technology. More here.

Intern will assist the South Dakota Broadband Initiative and BIT GIS staff with activities related to the improvement and generation of a statewide GIS address file dataset. Duties will include ingestion, extraction, transformation, adjustment, and integration of GIS point data and similar datasets from multiple data sources, as well as the generation of ESRI GIS maps, online mapping applications, and GIS tools and scripts. More here.

Intern will assist with projects related to marketing the activities of South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB). Marketing is responsible for the promotion of programming on SDPB Television and Radio statewide networks, and supporting the activities of the SDPB Education and Online department and SDPB Development's membership acquisition & advocacy group, the Friends of SDPB. Intern will assist with the formation and recruitment for SDPB Volunteer Corps; will assist at summer events with the SDPB mascot; assist in the production of materials. More here.

Application Security: Job ID 1039
Intern will work with the Development Security Specialist and other members of the Development, Data Center and Telecommunications divisions within BIT to improve Application Security policies covering secure coding, threat modeling and penetration testing. Knowledge of software development and object oriented programming languages are preferred and an interest in Application Security is required. More here.

Software Engineer: Job ID 1065
Interns specializing in application development are highly encouraged to apply for this summer internship. Qualified candidates must have a solid understanding of Visual Studio.net, must be familiar with Microsoft SQL database design, possess strong communication skills, and have the self-motivation to work alone and with a team of application developers. More here.

LAN Services: Job ID 1066
Deadline Extended: February 28, 2013 
Intern will help the LAN Services team in Pierre complete projects for the Departments of Social Services, Health, Labor and Regulation and Education. Projects may include working on the Social Services Windows 7 upgrades, Health's WIC-IT hardware installation and software along with other BIT software patches and fixes. More here.

Intern will assist Network Technologies staff with projects and documentation necessary to maintain the state's relevant networks and information systems. Duties include, but are not limited to: network documentation, review and audit of existing systems/databases for accuracy; diagramming and mapping of information systems; policy review and auditing; network device configuration and installation; and assisting with information security tasks and duties. More here

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