Keith Byer: BIT's Willy Wonka

Okay, so that might be a “BIT” of an exaggeration (pun intended), but in all seriousness Keith is quite the chocolatier!

Recently one of BIT’s very own, Keith Byer, was featured on the front page of the Capital Journal for his homemade confections. Keith explained to the Capital Journal that because he is doing his work on such a small scale, selling small batches would become quite pricey. “On my level, I can’t afford a metric ton of it. I can’t even afford a bag of it. And as soon as I can afford a bag of it, I can cut my prices in half.”

For now, Keith spreads his love by donating his chocolate or bringing it to work for us to try! Last month he participated in a charity fundraiser for Missouri Shores Domestic Violence Center and in the future he will participate in additional fundraisers for the Pierre Fire Department and St. Joseph’s school.

Keith explained while he was at the Missouri Shores event, “I was having fun with that because I was putting it out on boards, and people would take knives and break out a chunk.” Sound familiar BIT family? J

For more information on Keith’s process for making his chocolate, check out our previous blog post:

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