Microsoft Office Shortcuts

Everyone wants to be more efficient, right? Why spend 10 minutes doing a task when it can be done in 5?

Because email plays such a large role in the majority of our lives, here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you be MORE efficient when dealing with your emails:

Outlook shortcuts:
  • Ctrl+R: reply to email 
  • Ctrl+P: Preview and Print 
  • Ctrl+S: Save 
  • Alt+R: reply to all in email or switch to the work week calendar view 
  • Alt+W: forward email or switch to the weekly calendar view 
  • Ctrl+M: F9 to Send/Receive all 
  • Alt+S: Send email 
  • Ctrl+G: open the "Go to Date" dialog to jump to any date in the calendar 
  • Ctrl+E: Search 
  • F9: Check for mail

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