The Greatest Fans In College Football Are Also Among The Most Well Connected

For all of you college football fans out there, let’s see how well you know your teams:

Which college football fans have the highest Wi-Fi usages rates?

The Nebraska Huskers.

According to Chad Chisea, I/T operations manager for the Huskers and Dan Floyd, Nebraska’s director of I/T for Athletics, fans at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska used 4.2 terabytes of Wi-Fi data during the Huskers’ September 12th victory over South Alabama.

The Huskers tweeted this stat by saying:

According to “the numbers that really jump out at us are the 34,439 unique connected devices and the 28,290 peak connections at a single time — those are numbers that rival anything we’ve seen in NFL stadiums, and are dwarfed only by Super Bowl or college playoff championship game numbers.”

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