BIT Employee Announced as Winner of SDPB’s “Landscapes of South Dakota”

On August 19th, South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) put on the Landscapes of South Dakota photo contest in anticipation of South Dakota’s 125th upcoming anniversary and to coincide with “World Wide Photo” day.  The contest consisted of 4 categories, “South Dakota”, “Home”, “Work”, and “Connections”.  Applicants were allowed to upload a maximum of 4 photos per category.  There were prizes given to the top three photos judged in each category.  The end result was that SDPB had received well in excess of 800 photos submitted by 199 photographers!
Work: 1st Place
Look up when you work!
Keith Hemmelman
Keith Hemmelman, a Technology Engineer III at BIT, is an active member of the Central South Dakota Photography Club and also actively participates in the South Dakota Photography Facebook group.  Enjoying living in South Dakota, he takes as many photos of South Dakota as possible and makes our great state look spectacular!  His passion for South Dakota is one of the main reasons he took part in the South Dakota Landscapes photo contest. Keith approached the contest as capturing a day in the life of South Dakota. With plenty of vacation leave, Keith took the day off and roamed around Pierre and the countryside, taking as many photos of different subjects as he could find. The vast amount of photos gave him the opportunity to enter 4 photos in each category. Entering the maximum number accepted was not an attempt to win, but rather to contribute to this project. When the results were announced, Keith had not only won one category,  but he had won 1st place in two of the four categories!
Connections: 1st Place
Prairie Connections
Keith Hemmelman

Congratulations, Keith! Your photos were outstanding.
To view quality versions of Keith’s photos as well as other winning photographs from the SDPB South Dakota Landscapes contest, click here! You can also view a collection of Keith’s photos on his personal website: .

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