#SDintheField: A New GFP Campaign

For those born before 1970, the “#” symbol is called the pound sign. To the Facebookers, Instagrammers and tweeps, the “#” is called a hashtag. A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by “#” and used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest; which facilitates a search for it across multiple social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It is a way to use social media to gather responses for a certain message and to create a community of like-minded messages or individuals.

GFP has a new digital campaign underway right now using #SDintheField to encourage folks like you and other hunters, anglers, trappers and outdoor enthusiasts to share their South Dakota field experiences through photos or videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or all three.

#SDintheField is more than a bragging board. It is a way to continue the openness and conversation with digital citizens and to encourage them to share their memories with GFP and other like-minded folks.

So what might #SDintheField mean to you and others?
  • Is it a family pic before the traditional pheasant hunt on opening day? 
  • Is it a smile from a young hunter who just passed their HuntSAFE course? 
  • Is it a dog’s intent gaze into the sky?
  • Is it sitting in an ice-shack on your favorite slough, ice fishing with your dad?  
  • Or is it a selfie with a monster muley or a limit of greenheads? Because those images are great to share as well.

These are all reasons why we spend time in the field. Be thinking about what photos or videos you can share the next time you are in the field. As you post, be sure to use #SDintheField . You can see your pictures and other’s here: https://tagboard.com/sdinthefield or on the GFP website at http://gfp.sd.gov/agency/sdinthefield.aspx.

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