#1 Corporate Network Password- Password Strength

Short, simple passwords may be easier to remember, but they're also easier for hackers to crack. Use strong passwords on all your accounts that include a minimum of eight characters and a mix of special symbols, letters, and numbers. Developing good password practices will help keep your personal information and identity more secure.

Create strong passwords—yes, we hear that all the time, but would it catch your attention if you knew that over half of 626,718 hashed passwords could be cracked in a few minutes.

The passwords were collected during Trustwave pen tests of corporate environments in 2013 and part of 2014. Most of those came from “Active Directory environments and included Windows LAN Manager (LM)- and NT LAN Manager (NTLM)-based passwords.” Regarding keywords in passwords, people loved using the name of their kids and dogs. 12,042 contained a top 100 baby boy name; 9,224 passwords were from the top 100 dog names; and 8,035 passwords contained a top 100 baby girl name.

The researchers had cracked 576,533, nearly 92%, of the total 626,718 passwords after only 31 days!

Below are the top 10 passwords Trustwave cracked from corporate environments.

Keep this in mind when creating your new password: Mixing in uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and special characters won’t always make a more secure password--try increasing the number of characters in the password.

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