When Is It Time To Ask The Boss For A New PC?

Ya all know that look the boss gives you when you go to him or her and ask for a new computer.  They give you the squiggle face and creased eyebrow and immediately ask “Why?”  Hey, no offense to bosses as I am now one and I do the same thing (I don’t quite have the squiggle face down yet-but I’m working on it!).  So, before you go to the boss, it is probably a good idea to determine if there really is a need for a new machine or if yours just needs some fixing.  Now, of course if your kid just spilled milk into your laptop’s keyboard or you forgot that your laptop was sitting behind your car when you were backing up and ran over it (both totally true stories by the way-trust me, you see all kinds of cool things as a BIT tech!) then you really don’t have any recourse.  And, don’t be surprised if you get a “tad more” than a face when you tell the boss why your laptop is dripping milk out of the air vents…

With that said, before you go ask for a new machine, first you should determine if there is something wrong with yours or if your machine is indeed just underpowered to handle your workload.  Always start with the something is wrong route first because you will have much better justification showing the things you tried before asking for a different machine.  And, you may find that you really didn’t need a new machine after all and save you the squiggle face.

So, what is your machine doing?  Is it locking up or crashing with what us techies call the Blue Screen Of Death (we call it that because if your machine locks up and Windows can display what it thinks happened, it will cut over to a blue screen with all kinds of cool garbledy-gook text that only us techs think is cool)?  If this is happening, this can be pretty serious as usually this is indicative of a bigger problem.  Now, you will get lock-ups and Blue Screens once in a while just because your machine gets confused, but if you start seeing this on a regular basis (and especially if you can recreate the circumstances and do it again), get a call into the HELP Desk right away so that a tech can look at it.  This can also save you a lot of frustration because as we all know computers will pick the worst possible time to crash (they’ve pretty much perfected that chip over the years).

Are you getting error messages when you run your apps?  Again, you will want to get a work order put in so that a tech can look at your machine and determine what is going on.  It could be something on your machine, or it could be something that is statewide.  Never ignore error messages as they are always displayed for a reason—and, no it is not to just annoy you.  Ok, maybe a little bit, but still don’t ignore them!

Is your machine getting bogged down and running slow?  First thing is make sure you are rebooting on a regular basis (another great post by Dan).  If after rebooting, you are still running slowly, it is never a bad idea to call in a work order to have your machine looked at.  There may be things going on with your machine that need to be repaired or replaced and a tech can find those things and take care of them.  Of course, it may be that your machine just doesn’t have the horsepower to run everything you need to run, which of course the tech can tell you as well.

So, before you face that creased eyebrow, first make sure that there is nothing wrong with your machine.  I know new machines are like all cool to get and that new leather smell can’t be beat, but if your current machine can be fixed up and will do all the work you need it to do, then that not only saves the State money, but it saves you from burning a favor for something you don’t really need.  Never burn favors with the boss.  You never know when you will be the one that has to explain why your laptop was crushed by your own car—you will want that favor really bad right about then!

A special thanks goes out to Dan Houck for providing us with this article!

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