The Web is Working for South Dakota Businesses!

The web is working for South Dakota businesses. Google is helping. Google said it has a $55.6 million impact on South Dakota businesses!

An Economy Impact report for each state was released by the tech company last week. Nationwide, Google estimated it generated $111 billion in economic activity over the past year! In total for South Dakota, 2,300 companies were reportedly using Google to generate economic activity. !

In the South Dakota Economy Impact report, Google focused on two companies: The Lodge at Deadwood and the University of Sioux Falls.

According to its report, the Deadwood hotel and casino connects with customers around the world via the search engine. When they first launched their business into existence, they knew that in order  attract a broad audience of families, vacationers, business travelers and event planners, a strong web presence would be essential. The Lodge launched the website in 2010, and business took off! AdWords, Google's advertising program, has been an important tool in helping to bring customers through their doors.

USF relies on Google tools for marketing, admissions and to connect students with jobs and internships. This 131-year-old institution is thriving with the help of the Internet and their marketing department's digital efforts. USF uses Google tools such as AdWords, Google’s advertising program, YouTube, Google+ and Google Analytics to reach prospective students.

It is clear that Google has had a large impact on the great state of South Dakota and on the businesses within. This is the perfect time to reflect on the marketing plans of all businesses and what can be done to improve in order to benefit the business. Who knows, the web could be the number one marketing tool available!

Download the SD Report here!

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