SharePoint: Personalization

It’s time for our post on SharePoint. Get excited!

From past articles you have learned that SharePoint will not only solve problems with decentralization, but it will also provide many benefits for your agency or department that includes: Search, Content Management, Collaboration, Integration with Microsoft Office, and Keeping Employees Informed. This month you will learn how to personalize your sites.
My Site
My Site is your personal starting point for viewing and contributing to your organization. At your My Site you can find and connect with other people in your organization. It is a place to save and share your work with others as well. To view My Site, click Newsfeed on the navigation bar of the portal site. Your My Site has a public view called the Profile page that contains information that you share with other users. You can easily update your public profile, provide links, and share documents and other information.
Right now all BIT employees will see Mount Rushmore as their background of their My Site which can’t be changed/personalized by the employee. The things you can personalize are your personal blog site and any other sub-sites you created on your My Site. For example, I created a private site for my job duties (view below). I use it as an everyday planner! I designed it to be private so I can make notes and create to-do lists that only I can see. Just like a My Site, on a private site you can create document and picture libraries, calendars, surveys, tasks, and other lists.
Do you want to personalize your site or blog? Here is some great instructions from DJ Hausmann on personalizing a personal blog!
  1. Open up your blog or your sub-site by clicking on the gear wrench located in the upper right hand corner next to your name. Click on the Site Content from the drop down menu.
  2. Once you have that open click on your sub-site you have created.
  3. Now that your blog has been opened you'll want to click on the gear wrench again and from there you'll click on Change the Look.
  4. From here you can pick out your theme colors and select Apply or pick another color that you like.

Along with changing the color scheme and background design, I personalized the title to my blog site to be ‘Her View From BIT’. To change the name of your blog to be something other than ‘Blog + your user ID,’ this is what you do:
  1. Once you’re in your blog, click on the gear wrench located in the upper right hand corner. Select Look and Feel.
  2. Locate and click on Title, Description and Logo.
  3. When it opens you will see this is the place to modify your blog site name along with a description.
  4. Once you have changed your name and or description click ok in lower right hand corner.
Stay tuned for more on SharePoint! The next article will be a more in-depth overview of your own My Site.

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