Life Outside BIT: Andy Ogan

If you work for BIT you have probably met, worked with, talked to, or heard of Andy Ogan. If you work outside of BIT, you have probably viewed some of his photography work without even knowing! Andy Ogan is a valuable employee to BIT and an outstanding photographer outside of BIT who produces stunning photos of landscapes, architecture, wildlife and children.

Andy Ogan’s job in BIT is multi-faceted.  His primary work is part of the Network Technologies group, working predominantly in the core networks of State Government, the Digital Dakota Network for K-12, and the REED network for the Board of Regents.  To list a few, he is involved in GIS mapping, the South Dakota Broadband Initiative project management, cellular drive testing, technology project reviews, traffic shaping, research, documentation, data presentation and writing. Lucky for us, Andy is also the unofficial BIT photographer!

Andy’s first interest in photography started about 15 years ago, as he found he enjoyed being behind the lens far more than he enjoyed being in front of the lens. His first real photography jobs involved digital photos and website content creation back in 1999-2003.  While his career in network administration took him professionally away from photography and content creation, it always remained a hobby of his.

In 2010, Andy finally decided to upgrade to his first DSLR camera, a Canon 60d, and a pair of lenses.  Since then, he has added to his camera kit.  Andy now has two DSLR’s, five lenses, lights, flashes, filters, a film SLR, two point and shoots, two antique 1930’s cameras that all still work, and a 1959 TLR film camera that still works.  

Andy is an active member of the Central South Dakota Photography Club and some other local / state-level clubs and groups, as well as the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.  His preferences in photography are photos of landscapes, travel, architecture, wildlife, nature, and kids.  Andy is hoping to start up a small side business selling his photo prints online sometime during 2014. 

For anyone aspiring to get into photography, Andy offers a few points that have helped him over the years!

First, practice practice practice.  In the world of digital, it only costs you your time to practice. 

Second, change your elevation.  A lot of photos of children online are taken from “parent height”, and you lose some of the connection with the children that you would have if you knelt down to their level.  It’s amazing how big of an impact you can make in your kid photos by just kneeling down. 

Third, if you are interested in photography but don’t have the equipment, there are great places online to rent equipment from at reasonable prices.  If you are interested in those, let Andy know and he can point you towards them.

Feel free to visit Andy Ogan’s photography site,, to view more outstanding photos!


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