39th Annual McQuade Charity Softball Tournament: Brandy McBride

Dakota Prairie Bank Softball Team
Brandy McBride (front right)
Last weekend softball players flocked to Bismarck for the 39th Annual McQuade Charity Softball Tournament. This is nothing new as this is the largest nonprofit, one-weekend slow-pitch softball tournament in the country! This year the event featured 460+ teams from around the country and Canada to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for the players.

An employee of BIT, Brandy McBride, was a member of the Dakota Prairie Bank team at the tournament. At BIT, Brandy assists South Dakota Community Anchor Institutions with technology planning. On the softball field she serves as a key player to her team. Brandy’s team brought home the trophy after winning the championship game! The 3-day tournament was full of rain delays, coin flips, and nail-biting games. Brandy made her statement with a grand slam in the bottom of the 7th to tie it and go extras innings. The next time up she hit the walk-off home run to win it all! Check out the picture of her hitting the winning ball (yes, the ball is flying in the top left corner of the picture)!

Great job Brandy, we are proud of your accomplishments inside and outside of BIT!

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