Nic Penning: Life Outside BIT

The weather is beautiful this time of year which means there are more and more people outside receiving their much needed exercise. Are you one of those people? Do you love physical activities like hiking, biking, swimming and running? You are not alone. Here at BIT we have one of many that feel the same as you, Nic Penning.

You may remember his name from when he previously completed an internship working for BIT last summer. Today Nic is a full-time employee of BIT’s security team, labeled as a Technology Engineer who spends a majority of his time analyzing information security threats of the State of South Dakota’s network infrastructure. 

Nic’s work duties keep him busy throughout the workday and his hobby keeps him busy in his time outside BIT. Nic has a full-time hobby of long distance running/marathon training! To many this hobby may seem crazy, but to Nic it’s a way of life.

Let’s go back a few years. Although he always enjoyed running, he gained a passion for it in his junior year of high school where he won the 1600 meter run at the state track meet. It was a suspenseful, neck-and-neck race to the finish line. Nic came out on top with a time of 4:41.40, a personal record and a new school record! From that moment on running was something that Nic realized he couldn’t live without. He finished his high school career and moved on to the next stage of his life.
State Track Results
In college he continued with his passion by joining the track team at Gillette College in Wyoming and then Dakota State University. Again he found success placing 17th his sophomore year at the half-marathon championships with a time of 1:15:33 obtaining Coaches All-American status (not too shabby, right!?)! His 5th semester at Gillette College while assistant coaching, he ran his first ever marathon in Las Vegas placing 4th out of 1,313 runners with a time of 2:36:57! Nic completed his college career at DSU where they have a superb Computer and Network Security program and a phenomenal cross country and track program—a perfect combination. Through the last 2 years of college Nic accomplished many personal records. He lowered his mile time to a 4:29, improved his half-marathon time down to a 1:12:02, and qualified for the full-marathon nationals 2 years in a row placing best at 2nd with a time of 2:27:30 (5:37.5 Pace per Mile), receiving All-American status and breaking the school record!
Today Nic is done with his collegiate athletic career and has completed his education, ending that chapter of his life. Curious as to how much further he can go, in the next chapter of his life Nic will continue to train, race and improve his times. The U.S. Olympic Trials standard for the Men’s Marathon is currently 2:18 for the B standard.  His goal is to be an elite distance runner. His ultimate goal is to race fast enough to try out for the U.S. Olympic team. To get to that goal, he will have to be running close to 100-120 miles a week consistently.
BIT is lucky to have such a motivational employee on our team. Although there are many at BIT, today we spotlight Nic Penning and his undeniable drive, courage and passion for what he loves inside and outside of BIT. 

*Nic-All of us at BIT will be supporting you in your goals and cheering you on this fall as you run in your next race!

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