5 Time Management Tips

You got through Monday (yeah!) which brings the overwhelming pressure of a busy week ahead. Most likely you have leftover tasks from the week before and more are adding up. Can you relate? Where do you begin? I think it’s time to look at how you manage your time in the workplace. Here are our top five time management tips that will boost your productivity! (Keep in mind that some employees will be unable to put some of these tips into action. They will be on a person-by-person basis.)
  1. Start your day the right way- Time management all comes down to planning and prioritizing. Get in the habit of starting each workday with a plan of your tasks. That’s right, a to-do list. Create it and prioritize it. Start your list with the most difficult subjects first as you are fresh and energized first thing in the morning and are less likely to be interrupted.
  2. Identify your resources- Even though you have a lot of projects on your plate, it doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Are there colleagues with special expertise? Knowing that, you probably have some helpful and knowledgeable resources right there in your office! Delegate some of your tasks to others when they can help. Using these resources can save you time and energy!
  3. Minimize distractions- If you are having troubles staying focused you might need to organize your workspace.  The obvious answer is to clear the clutter from your desk. Only have out what you are working on while filing the rest in their assigned locations. Remember your email system and files on your computer need to be organized as well. Minimizing distraction will maximize your productivity.
  4. Tame the technology- How much time do you spend each day being distracted by technology? Between incoming emails, phone calls and instant messaging, your precious time can fly by. Although it may seem efficient to immediately respond to new communications, the reverse is true. Set your phone system to send calls straight to voicemail and turn off email notifications to reduce the disruptive distractions. Set specific times to check your missed calls and emails throughout the day. By doing this you will be able to respond to the important issues as they arise and still have time to get actual work done!
  5. Block out time for projects- While looking through your weekly calendar, set aside blocks of time to work on those important projects with high ranking. These blocks should be anywhere from 30-50 minutes each. Remember to place blocks of time during your day when you are most productive. An important aspect of any productive day is to also take breaks. No matter how busy your working day is, take time for yourself! Whether it is a short walk or a cup of coffee you will be revived once you sit back down to your tasks.

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