Two Tablet Devices on State Contract


Microsoft Surface Pro 2

BIT has two models of slate-style tablet devices on state contract, the HP Elitepad 900 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 2.  These units are becoming more common in day-to-day use in state government reinforcing the idea of mobile computing being a necessary part of many employees work environment. 

HP Elitepad 900
The HP Elitepad and the Microsoft Surface run Windows 8 which means both units can easily be joined to the State network to enable wireless access.  This will allow employees to access their network drives, use Outlook, access Citrix applications, and run the standard Microsoft Office applications.  The Microsoft Surface comes standard with a keyboard cover and a 3-year warranty. The HP Elitepad has an option for a keyboard cover or an extra battery cover as well as a 3-year warranty.  The keyboard option allows the units to function very similar to a regular laptop device.

For those employees who travel long distances or work from their vehicles in remote areas, the HP Elitepad is the device to select.  In addition to standard wireless network access, the Elitepad comes standard on state contract with the ability to connect to a 4G/cellular network, a function that the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 lacks at this time.

These tablet devices are meant to be utilized as a lightweight mobile device. They do not have the computing power to replace employee’s main desktop computers or docking laptops, nor do they have the ports for hooking up to projectors for presentations.

If employees would like more information about any of the State's contracted computer products, please contact Shellie Patterson in Standards.


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