New Facebook Videos Lead to Malware

The latest attempt by hackers to infect your computer exploits the curiosity many people have regarding their Facebook friends or other social networks.

The malware scam, which is thought to have infected over 2 million users so far, works as follows: When a user logs onto their account, they are presented with an advertisement post featuring a photograph of one of their friends along with the enticing text of “See (Friends Name)’s Video” or “(Friends Name)’s Private Video”.
When the link is clicked on, users are sent to a fake, but realistic version of YouTube which attempts to install a virus on their computer. In the event that anti-virus software catches the Trojan, they are sent to a fake page claiming that an Adobe Flash Player update needs to run before allowing access to the video. This is the point where many users get trapped. Even if the original attempt was caught by the anti-virus software, as soon as the user clicks on the fake Adobe Flash Player update link, they become infected with the virus.

The malware, which has been named “Trojan.FakeFlash.A”, enters as a browser extension which accesses the infected users own Facebook photos and creates a similar advertisement which is then sent to their own friends and the cycle continues.

Fake software updates, fake browser plugins and fake Adobe Flash Player updates have been a common method used by hackers for a long time. The rise of social media and the curiosity surrounding Facebook friends has given hackers a new way to install malware on unsuspecting computer users.

Check back in tomorrow for 5 simple ways to keep your social media account secure!

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