Employee Recognition: Above and Beyond

At BIT we continuously strive to do the very best we can. Today, we recognize three individuals who have recently gone above and beyond the normal call of duty! 


SeVern Ashes & Craig Jensen

SeVern Ashes
Craig Jensen
SeVern and Craig have done a phenomenal job in working on a law enforcement case with state and federal authorities!

South Dakota Public Broadcasting was contacted by a South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks officer requesting assistance in recovering material from a possible evidence tape and copying it to DVD format.  The evidence was to be used for a State & Federal Fish & Wildlife court case. After an initial meeting with state and federal agents, SDPB agreed to assist and took the chain of evidence into our (SeVern and Craig) possession to copy the programs.  It was then determined the tapes were in a rare format and SDPB was unable to copy. Next, with Federal Fish & Wildlife approval, SDPB staff located the proper equipment and had it shipped in to Vermillion for duplication.  Many hours of evidence was transferred to DVD’s that would be used within the court system.  The tapes and copied DVD sets were then signed back to the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks department.

Given Craig Jensen’s 13+ year background  working with law enforcement as a State Radio dispatcher in Parker, it was a natural fit to assign him the entire project to ensure  proper chain of evidence and complete confidentiality while the project was in SDPB’s possession. 

Craig and SeVern received letters of Thank you from the United States Department of Interior along with a US Fish and Wildlife Service Medal.

Read the press release from the US Attorney General’s Office on the case here!


Michael Hanson

Michael works on the Kneip LAN Services team providing computer support across many agencies.  Michael is a senior here in Pierre at T.F. Riggs participating in a Youth Internship program from the school.  His plan is to attend the University of South Dakota this fall. 

Michael was recently selected as first recipient of the YMCA Youth Citizen of the Year!

Congratulations Michael and thank you for all of your efforts for BIT.

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