AirWatch: The New Mobile Device Management System

BIT has successfully utilized a BlackBerry mobile device management (MDM) tool for the past 8 years. The State of South Dakota is responding to the emergence of the mobilization in the workforce. Traditionally, there are have been controls in place to both prevent personally-owned devices from being used at the workplace as well as only allowing the use of managed phones, Blackberries.
Since 2011, BIT has seen a demand in the market, and a cultural shift of enterprise personnel, toward the use of more smart devices both tablets and phones. Convenience and productivity are acknowledged benefits, and BIT understands there is value in supporting this evolution of mobility. However, secure use of them is a primary concern for State employees.
In order to address enterprise mobility security concerns BIT selected AirWatch in the fall of 2013. Currently, as we move through the spring of 2014, a project plan is being developed to migrate all approved RAD users over to the new MDM system. Enrollment in this service will complement our current RAD policy by better maintaining secure use of both state-owned and personal mobile devices.
More Information on AirWatch That Might Interest You!
From smartphones to tablets to laptops, all devices can be secured and managed from a single console regardless of type, platform or ownership.
Important Facts:
1) AirWatch provides complete separation of corporate and personal data on a device, ensuring corporate resources are secure and employee privacy is maintained.
2) AirWatch can be utilized whether employees are using a government-owned or employee-owned device.
3) Access your corporate documents, email attachments and user-generated content in a secure container.
Government agencies are embracing mobility in order to increase customer service and employee productivity. The increase in mobile devices used by government workers requires I/T administrators to ensure public sector security requirements are met. AirWatch can both protect sensitive data and ensure that users have mobile access to the information, applications and networks they need.
If any agency personnel have questions about AirWatch, please contact Tony Rae for assistance.

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