30 Years of Service

We celebrate Carol Kelso's 30 years of service with the State of South Dakota! 
Carol Kelso receiving her award from David Zolnowsky,
BIT Commissioner

Carol worked for Department of Labor with State worker's compensation for her first 10 years. For the last 20 years she has been working for BIT, first for LAN Services before moving to the Integration team. Today she is one of the key administrators of our Citrix application deployment systems. Other than maintaining the servers themselves, she is responsible for the installation, configuration, testing, and deploying of hundreds of vendor and BIT produced applications being run across the state. This method of deployment provides access to system that would normally not be able to be executed due to desktop requirements at the user’s location, or due to bandwidth restrictions. Many agencies and contractors critically rely on these services being available every day of the year.

Carol has come a long way, moving through various duties, and several changes CDP/IS/IPS/BIT has experienced over the years. Today she continues to be a valued part of the Integration Team, serving clients and BIT co-workers daily.

Congratulations Carol, and thank you for your service to the great State of South Dakota!

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