10 New Features with Microsoft Lync

Microsoft is ending support for LiveMeeting; therefore BIT is replacing the service with a new service, Microsoft Lync. For the past six years state employees have utilized Microsoft LiveMeeting services for web collaboration. These services have been extremely popular with state agencies as a travel avoidance and collaboration tool. Microsoft Lync will continue the high level of performance that state personnel demand. Lync ties real-time communications with instant messaging, web conferencing, desktop sharing, and voice conversation, and it integrates with Exchange email and Microsoft Office applications. Below are the top 10 new features that make Lync a dependable and noteworthy replacement.
10 New Features with Lync:
  1. Lync Web App-Individuals can join a Lync meeting without having Lync client installed by using the Lync Web App. All they need is their web browser and they will still have access to all of the features of Lync. The browser-based client provides full Lync meeting experience across platforms.
  2. Lync Mobile App- Whether you are on the Window, iOS, or Android platform, you are able to access Lync. The Lync Mobile apps allow users to instant message, call, or join a Lync Meeting from virtually anywhere.
  3. Conversation Window-Similar to the Q&A you were used to in LiveMeeting, the Conversation Window is more collaborative. The Conversation Window is similar to an instant messaging tool.
  4. Add contacts on the Fly –Lync is more than just web conferencing, it’s a list of contacts with the ability to chat with those people at any time. During a Lync meeting you have the ability to add someone to your contact list.
  5. Shared OneNote –Similar to shared notes in Live Meeting, you can take personal notes or shared notes with OneNote integration. An individual has the ability to take personal notes any time during the meeting and share later, if desired.   In shared OneNote everyone can collaborate on notes.
  6. Private Speaker Notes- With Lync the presenter has the ability to view privately speaker notes, a function previously unavailable with LiveMeeting.
  7. Multi-Party HD Video-Lync provides the ability to view multiple people’s video at the same time when they are in different locations at the same time.
  8. Escalate Conversation- Seamlessly add content to a conversation. The content button gives quick access to sharing tools in the Present tab. You can share your desktop, a program, your primary or secondary monitor, drop in a PowerPoints, whiteboard, or a poll.
  9. Promote/Demote Participants - In LiveMeeting you always had the opportunity to promote participants to be presenters. Now with Lync you are still able to promote individuals as well as demote people from that position. 
  10. Track conversation history easily

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