Understanding Moratoriums

Moratoriums are for non-standard items and standard items on the BIT website where moratorium approval is required.  Moratorium guidelines include the following:
  • Moratoriums are only for the item and quantity listed in the request.
  • New moratoriums are required for additional purchases or installations even if they have been previously approved. 
  • New moratoriums are required for full version upgrades of a previously approved item.
BIT uses a guideline of 5-working days to approve most moratoriums.  Software moratoriums will take longer because it needs to be vetted by BIT to make sure it is secure and the licensing terms are something we can agree to.  Software requests, such as GoToMeeting, require a network assessment of the location requesting the software to determine if using the software will have an impact on other clients at that location.  Keep in mind also that every time a software such as GoToMeeting or WebEx, etc. is approved it puts one more hole into our network that can be exploited by Social Engineers. It is imperative that we keep track of these, and the people that use these are responsible and never allow anyone remote access to their computers in the meetings unless they check with BIT first.

More information can be found at http://intranet.bit.sd.gov/forms/mora/ or contact your BIT Point of Contact.

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