Things to Know About the New Elitebook

BIT has received many questions from agencies regarding the absence of CD-ROM drives in laptop computers.  For the agencies that are unaware, the newer Elitebook 840 G1 and 850 G1 laptops do not include CD-ROM drives (or keypads). BIT has placed an external USB CD-ROM drive on the peripherals contract for those employees who still need a CD-ROM drive with their laptop computer.
Here are a few facts about these newer laptop models on contract.
  • The Elitebook model line does not included a CD-ROM drive; this was a design decision by Hewlett Packard. 
    •  BIT has placed a USB CD-ROM drive on the peripherals contract.  It is currently priced under $35.
  • The Elitebook model line does not included a keypad.
    • If an agency would like a USB keypad, Standards does have units that can be tested.  Standards can also assist with alternate product selection and/or price quotes.
If an agency is interested in the top tier product line, the Zbook , Standards does have product information and is able to obtain a quote for a unit that closely matches the state's 840/850 configuration. In addition, if an agency does decide to purchase a Zbook product, it will require moratorium approval for purchase.
If any agency personnel have questions about laptops, tablets, towers, monitors, or any other computer equipment on state contract, please contact Shellie Patterson ( in Standards for assistance.

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