South Dakota Internet Providers Deliver the Speed!

We continuously see and hear advertisements of internet providers that are promising the fastest service available. At times we complain about the speed of the internet we are using. If your Internet speed feels too slow, it might be. According to data provided by Ookla, most major U.S. Internet service providers usually deliver slower speeds than they are promising to their customers.  Not all providers are like that.

We are here to tell you that there are internet providers that deliver the speed they advertise…or faster! From a report in the Wall Street Journal, BIT is proud to point out that we have two providers in South Dakota—Midcontinent Communications (+8%) and WideOpenWest (+2%)—that are in the list for providing faster speeds than they advertise. You can find the full Wall Street Journal blog posting here. For more information on how your Internet provider stacks up against the competition you can review the chart below.

While the Wall Street Journal report only listed these two providers, the state Broadband team knows many of our other providers across the state are also working hard for their customers.  Wondering what your Internet speeds are?  You can take the speed test by browsing to the State Broadband Initiatives speed test site.

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