New Mobile Design for

Over half of American adults own smartphones. If you fit in that category and have visited on your mobile device, you may have noticed a design change. That's right, it’s responsive! is user friendly! It’s now easier than ever to utilize the information has to offer. The new responsive design will adjust to your screen size as you move from device to device. If you are on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone it will fit to your screen. You now have the ability to view on your mobile device without zooming in or out, and it will automatically re-organize itself to make it easier to read and navigate through. For your convenience, the state phone book is now easy to access (although this is not mobile size, it is still useable). In addition, all links that were previously unusable are now available. You are able to browse from anywhere, at any time, on a variety of different devices. All the information can now travel with you!

The prior non-responsive view of from a mobile device.
The current view of from a mobile device.

A special thanks goes out to a few key team members that have helped make this possible—Samantha Pedersen and Kaitlyn Martinez of BIT, design and code; Deni Kromarek of BIT, webmaster; and Kelsey Pritchard , Governor’s Office contact.

**This new design that makes responsive does not include all subdomains, e.g., Bureau of Administration and Bureau of Finance and Management. If you are interested in incorporating responsive design into your website, connect with your BIT Point of Contact.

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