SD's Public Safety Broadband Network

The premise behind the National Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) is having available mobile data bandwidth for our nation’s first responders no matter what the situation.

Currently, in emergencies the wireless carriers can be overwhelmed and access to cellular voice or data services may become unreliable, if available at all. This concept creates a separate wireless network specifically for the public safety industry, thus ensuring access in the worst of times.

FirstNet, the proposed nationwide standards-based wireless broadband system is for the public safety community and first responders. FirstNet as an organization has hired administrative staff and is currently working to field regional support staff to assist states in their efforts.

South Dakota’s Public Safety Broadband Network (SDPSBN) will begin conducting education and outreach at the community level and with first responder agencies to discuss the initiative. A team of five will be sent to a regional workshop in March; which will precede our outreach and education efforts for the FirstNet project.

If you have not heard of this initiative yet; you will certainly hear more about this topic throughout 2014 and beyond, both at the state and federal levels.

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