Customer Services. Elite Products. Cost Reductions. Secure Infrastructure.

What do these key areas mean to our customer partnerships and for the State of South Dakota?


When it comes to providing information and technology services, dependable and reliable products, cost reductions and a secure infrastructure, BIT is here. Our delivery of information and technology services provides ways of achieving more with less while continuing to consolidate and centralize key services for the entire enterprise. We remain focused on the bureau’s strategic direction as we align business needs and goals with technology options available within state government. 

The Project Management Office focuses on our customers and strives to build strong partnerships with state agencies. Project management follows a uniformed methodology to improve timeliness, accountability and responsibility of complex technology projects. Customer service and effectively managed projects are a top priority for each and every service BIT delivers.

In 2013, our development staff rewrote and implemented the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Medicaid application allowing citizens to apply or renew their benefits for these two programs all online. The newly implemented Administrative Rules website, part of the Governor’s mission to streamline government and promote openness, includes an archive section for rules that have previously been approved, links to audio and minutes from public rules hearings and interim rules committee hearings, hearing notices, hearing dates, drafts of the rules packages and effective dates.

Server performance may not mean much to the average customer, but to BIT’s Data Center staff it is at the forefront of what they do every single day. The state's virtualized environment utilizes one of the most elite products available; providing several benefits to the State of South Dakota, including, but not limited to:
  • Reduction of physical server costs; saving the state $3.3 million each year through the use of virtualization.
  • Reduction of daily operating costs by using less power.
  • Reduction of loss due to down time; keeping systems up and operational while routine maintenance takes place.
Security is integrated throughout every service provided within BIT. The demand in today's business environment to allow employees access to certain state systems, from anywhere at any time, creates significant risks towards the protection of state government data. Cyber security continues to be the number one challenge for BIT due to the fact that our state’s data and technology systems are an attractive target to organized crime. We must secure these targets from criminals, hostile foreign governments and malicious cyber-attacks. Firewalls, patches and updates, desktop anti-viruses, strong passwords and intrusion monitoring are all layers of security that must be incorporated in every part of our infrastructure in order to keep the integrity of our state's data secured.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) received several service awards in 2013, one of which was to honor Julie Anderson with the 2013 Distinguished Service Award from the South Dakota High School Activities Association for her direction and quality coverage of South Dakota High School achievement. SDPB’s local TV and radio programming continues to be a vital community resource; producing and broadcasting high-quality, commercial-free programs and valuable community outreach projects that educate, enlighten and entertain.

From year to year, we continue to provide core services that embrace customer service, efficiency, security and cost effective solutions to meet the business needs for the State of South Dakota.

Check out our 2013 BIT Annual Report and you will see how accomplished we have become as one of the nation’s leading centralized state information and technology organizations, how we strive for continuous improvement and how the business needs and challenges we face are similar to those faced by our customers.

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