Customer Satisfaction

98% of our customers agree that BIT provides excellent technology assistance.

Our number one goal has always been to provide customers with the information and technology services and support they need to achieve their business objectives. With a wide array of centralized technology services, BIT provides business analysis and application development, project management, technology integration, software and hardware, hosting, email capabilities, voicemail and phone services, document imaging, network storage, Help Desk support services, GIS, ongoing technology maintenance and much more. 

While many of these services are done well, in early 2013, we surveyed Cabinet members and found out what they appreciated and which areas needed refinements.

  • 82% of respondents agreed that BIT is dedicated to meeting agency technology needs.
    • Those in agreement with this statement generally view BIT “as doing a good job.” We take pride in this healthy baseline position.

  • In relationship to the above finding, 69% of respondents also agreed that BIT staff “are extremely knowledgeable, responsive, helpful and have the expertise to meet agency technology needs.” 
    • Those in agreement with this statement also commented that “staff need to continually look at ways to increase knowledge; as this is a never ending venture.” 
    • We do not dispute that comment and continually look at ways to provide staff mentorships, increase professional development and enhance cross-training opportunities within BIT to provide quality customer service and support needs for our customers. 

  • Providing our customers with strategic planning information on future technologies and products is an area we strived to improve upon in 2013 and will continue to do so in the years ahead.
    • The Technology Roadmap is a newly developed strategic planning process providing customers with technology related information that could impact agency strategic plans and budgets. In short, it is a snapshot of each state agency’s technology world; providing an inventory of applications and systems. The roadmap is updated on a biannual basis and distributed to our customers for advanced planning and future budgeting of technologies and products.

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