Challenges Ahead for 2014

cyber security. policy enforcement. asset management.

We all understand the importance of staying abreast of ever-evolving technology. Our staff continue to work collaboratively with our customers and partners to gather information on new technologies while weighing the benefits as well as the conflicts. While challenging, this provides an opportunity to improve our systems and processes, better align our security measures and ensure we recruit, develop and retain a highly skilled workforce to continue achieving our strategic goals.

Security and the protection of the state’s data and information continue to be our number one challenge.

Cyber security concerns have risen in nearly every industry across the country from banking and healthcare to retail and government. As online services and transactions rise in popularity, businesses and consumers are increasingly concerned about effective cyber security. Our team of cyber security experts continue to protect and defend the state’s sensitive data from malicious cyber-attacks and will continue to educate and inform state employees on the importance of staying safe in cyber space. BIT has accepted the responsibilty to effectively secure the state’s technology systems, but to succeed, we need every state employee to take online security seriously and to use safe computing practices both at home and at work; no matter what device is being used.

BIT has developed policies to provide safety and security for our employees, customers and the IT infrastructure for state government. Policies for parts, contract reviews, security, social media, website development and mobile devices are important aspects that need to be incorporated into the business needs of our customers.

Asset management is a challenge facing BIT and all of state government. The need for a comprehensive information and technology asset management system is now. A powerful asset management solution contains information about every piece of hardware in state government, every piece of software installed on the device, when licenses for that software expire and device ownership/assignment information.

Our emphasized focus on recruitment has been effective, but we have more to accomplish. Recruiting and retaining a highly skilled and talented technical workforce is coupled with the need to expand existing staff skillsets to deliver the services required by all areas of BIT.

As the financial oversight for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s (ARRA) State Broadband Grant concludes, we will begin the financial oversight for South Dakota’s Public Safety Broadband Network Grant.

As we look ahead to 2014 and beyond, we see these challenges as opportunities for improvement of the state’s technology environment.

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