Cyber Security Training Modules

The statewide online cyber security training modules are underway again and have recently been rolled out to several state agencies to complete. The latest modules are being rolled out to a few agencies at a time to minimize any problems and delays.

Of the ten new videos released by "Securing the Human", five have been deemed mandatory by BIT.

All state employees are expected to watch these five videos. Each agency will decide which, if any, of the other five will require viewing for their staff. Each video runs between three and five minutes and include information on the following:
  1. Advanced Persistent Threat
  2. Cloud
  3. Social Security Numbers
  4. Federal Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  5. Privacy
Thank you in advance for doing your part by completing these videos in a timely manner. Cyber security continues to be the number one challenge for BIT due to the fact that our state’s data and technology systems are an attractive target to organized crime. We must secure these targets from criminals, hostile foreign governments and malicious cyber-attacks.

Our team of cyber security professionals work hard each day to create an environment that protects the availability, confidentiality and integrity of South Dakota’s information and technology resources.

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