BIT Technology Briefing

BIT's first internal technology briefing was held back in July and just yesterday we conducted the second one; allowing staff with an opportunity to share and discuss the different technologies that provide cost savings, structure and success for state government and ultimately the citizens of South Dakota. Staff joined the meeting in person, on the phone or through our statewide video system, the Digital Dakota Network (DDN).

One of our top security experts from the Division of Telecommunications discussed the Netmotion VPN Client Solution. NetMotion is a mobile VPN solution that the State of South Dakota has standardized for all clients who need remote access to the state government network, but cannot use Citrix or those who are mobile clients that need network persistence between different networks. We currently have over 240 users of the system from the Highway Patrol, Division of Criminal Investigation, Legislative Research Council, Departments of Social Services and Transportation and staff here in BIT. NetMotion is unique from all other VPN solutions in that it allows mobile use on different types of networks (Wireless, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wired, etc.). Also, since it was first developed for the law enforcement industry, it complies and meets the highest of federal security standards.

Staff from the Data Center then moved on to providing information on the recent improvements to the state’s backup and recovery processes. The Data Center initiated a disaster recovery and business continuity project in the spring of this year which included an assessment of our current environment and identification of areas of improvement. The presentation covered highlights of the assessment and the mitigation strategies for the future of disaster recovery in the state information and technology sector.

Development staff shared with the group a presentation on responsive website design and provided an overview of the templates that had been created over the summer. Responsive web design is a method of using multiple style sheets to manipulate the appearance of a web application for a wide range of devices. In some situations, it is an easy alternative to a mobile app.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) ended the session with a discussion of their streaming services and what the future of that rate card would look like for agencies as there is now a fee involved. They also talked about an opportunity through the national Public Broadcasting Service on a new (and free) Content Management System they will use for a newly developed SDPB website. Plans are also in place to develop a mobile app for iOS and Android devices as user activity has increased on smartphones, tablets and the like.

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