Social Media Overviews for Business

Now, I realize that with this post, I may not be providing any new information. I just want to share the information in a new and fun way with other government communicators. Especially if they happen to be looking for a new approach on how to educate their staff (or themselves) on these socially dominant platforms.

The below presentations were developed to show how Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn can be used for business purposes. Each presentation was created in Prezi.
  1. Blogging breaks down barriers, foster communication, encourages transparency and accountability. Blogs force a great amount of responsiveness and are able to put a face or voice to your organization. Get started on your agency blog today!

  2. Facebook is the pioneer of social media; it is a platform that continues to explore even deeper possibilities. Find out more about the benefits when using it for business, its marketing capabilities and more!

  3. Want to know more about using Twitter for business? Check out this Twitter 101 presentation on the management and benefits if using Twitter; which can be a great starting point for your agency to "get social."

  4. BIT uses our YouTube channel to help with recruitment efforts. What are you using it for? Check out these tips in launching a YouTube channel for your business.

  5. LinkedIn is the professional's Facebook with over 200 million users. Learn more about this platform and how to enhance your recruitment efforts and search for new and potential employees.
Feel free to share, reuse, make your own, build on them or provide other input on how to make one, or all, of them better! This probably goes without saying, but please provide the appropriate credit when doing so.

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