Is your website in need of a redesign?

Website redesigns can be viewed as a huge undertaking for an agency or organization, but it can also be refreshing and very much needed at the same time. Thanks to the multiplicity of devices on which people view websites, a lot of old code or simply old ways of building sites have become redundant.

So, are you wondering if your website is in need of a redesign? Here are some signs that your site could use a little help from the experts! 

Responsive on multiple platforms

If your website was designed just for a PC, it might not work very well when your customer tries to look at it on their smart phones or tablets. If that is the case, feel free to speak with one of our BIT software engineers/web developers for some guidance on how to make your design better.

Site updating

How easy is your site to update? Older sites are harder to update for several reasons; the technology is outdated, staff who used to maintain or manage the site have left, the folders and files are unorganized and/or the site was constructed in frames. 


Are there bits of your website that are not being used anymore? Old functionality and falling out of fashion in the march of technology, make your site look outdated. Time for that redesign.

Web developers are often called up when an agency discovers its site takes too long to load. This can be down to outdated code and functionality. Modern trends are for simple, quick sites.

Are your site users actually going anywhere? Analyze your site to make sure that hits are constructive. If people bounce off again, your site is not doing its job.

Visitors to your site

Does your site lose visitors over time? As visitors come back and find no fresh content, they may never return. Think about people strategy. Person to person content. Develop rich content based on a conversation with a human being; incorporating respect and reciprocation. Speak WITH...not TO your customers.


When was the last time your site was redesigned? If the answer is never, then it is almost certainly time to change that. A site redesign is the key element of progressing towards a more evolved and functional site.

Error messages

How about error messages? If that 404 message keeps popping up, something in your site is broken. You need to fix these!

SEO of your site

What about SEO or Search Engine Optimization? Also, if you are not familiar with the acronym by now, get familiar. If your site is not designed with modern optimization in mind, there’s a chance search engines no longer pay any attention to it. Get it checked out, make it better, and let users find you!


If your copyright notice says anything other than the current year, you could be losing visitors and search engine visits simply because you look outdated. Be sure to change the date on this with every new year.

If any or all of the above ring a bell with you, it may be time to think about actively engaging with one of our designers/developers. A website is paramount to your business’ visibility. Without a site that functions correctly you can lose visitors. Without a site that is properly visible to search engines, you will never even be found.


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