Updates to bit.sd.gov

Throughout the past year, BIT has maintained a customer-friendly, consistent and visual online brand by way of our website. Web modifications and updates continue on a regular basis, however, a complete and thorough review of the entire website recently involved staff input and was completed in late May.

The site content was streamlined and updated and aesthetic design changes were made to the homepage to help improve our website marketing grade report. Hubspot’s Marketing Grader is a free online tool used to score a company’s website in which a full report is provided on ways to improve the marketing, promotion and traffic of a website. The report also had recommendations to improve BIT blog traffic and sharing.

Key improvements based on staff review and the marketing grade report include:
  1. Increase rich, customer service based language, fresh and inviting content; both on the website and company blog. Update and review all content areas throughout the website based on staff changes and recommendations.

  2. Increase other agencies to link to our website or blog for updates and service information when deemed appropriate.

  3. Continue to review and monitor search engine optimization (SEO) throughout the site and blog. The SEO of the BIT website is done very well, but there is always room for improvement as content is updated and new information is added. The SEO on the BIT blog is exceptional since Google is the leading force behind that activity in which labels and keywords are included in every blog post.

  4. Feature social media icons in the header rather than the footer throughout the site to increase traffic and interaction to these social media sites. Also, bring the “What’s New” section on the homepage to the top so users do not have to search for the latest updates at the bottom of the page.

  5. Change the location and design of the navigation on the homepage. Previously located vertically on the left side of the scrolling image, they are now positioned horizontally above the scrolling image. One key area of emphasis was to decrease the amount of scrolling while maintaining consistency with design structure and content flow.

  6. Add alt tags to images on the homepage.

  7. Add an email subscription and social media icons to company blog.

  8. Publish more articles to the company blog and increase sharing component; driving traffic to the blog and website.

  9. Ensure the same quality and visual updates are carried through to the BIT mobile website.

  10. Ensure content and navigational consistency between the Internet (public-facing site) and Intranet (internal to state government) sites.
These enhancements were made to increase efficiency, accuracy and accessibility. The majority of users will easily be able to identify the visual changes made to our homepage. Compare and contrast these homepage modifications with the screen shots below. Feedback is encouraged.

Previous bit.sd.gov homepage.

Current bit.sd.gov homepage with recent changes.

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