Technology Purchases: Plan Ahead

Technology purchases range from simple and straight forward to complex and risky. Small purchases for desktop products are easy to make; larger purchases require careful review and planning to prevent and manage potential risks. 

In the information and technology world, expensive software can be purchased only to discover months or years later that large, previously hidden costs begin to show up. Some of these costs are predictable, such as large cost increases tied to the capacity of the hardware that runs a system rather than the amount of work the system processes. Some are unpredictable and more challenging, such as changes in business practices or billing philosophies (on the part of vendors) that can result in large fees, forced migrations and legal headaches that can approach or exceed the original purchase price.  

BIT staff have decades of experience managing and reviewing technology purchases. It important to have a partner who can help assess risk and impacts of the technology decisions you are considering for your agency. The BIT Points of Contacts help you understand the risks and rewards when it comes to reviewing your technology decisions and potential purchases.

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