Mobile Malware in 2012

Android accounted for 79 percent of all mobile malware in 2012, 96 percent in Q4 alone, says F-Secure. On the other side of the spectrum, Apple’s iOS, the world’s second-most popular platform for smartphones in terms of new purchases, remains one of the least compromised, with 0.7 percent of malware on its platform.

Breaking down progress over the past year, Android’s malware record appears to have seen a particularly bad spike in Q4 2012. F-Secure notes that in the fourth quarter it accounted for a full 96 percent of attacks. In fact, according to its records, all other platforms except for Symbian (at 4 percent) did not appear to have any malware threat families received at all.

F-Secure is the global leader in providing security as a service through operators. A proven partner for revenue generation with an expanding portfolio of value-added services.

The copy and image from this BIT blog post can be credited to the following article published on March 7, 2013, in which more information and statistics can be obtained regarding mobile malware in 2012:

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