Employee Recognition

On a quarterly basis, each division within BIT is asked to submit nominations along with an explanation as to why an individual is being recognized, honored and rewarded.

In honor of their outstanding performance and dedication to BIT, state government and the citizens of South Dakota, we gladly recognize Debbie Lancaster, Miguel Penaranda, Rory Ehlers and Barry Olson for their high standards of excellence and thank them for all they do. They truly make a difference within our agency. Congratulations and keep up the great work!
  • Debbie is a Point of Contact within the Project Management Office for the following agencies: BIT, Department of Education, Department of Public Safety, Legislative Research Council, Legislative Audit, School and Public Lands and Tribal Relations.

  • Miguel is BIT's anchor in the world of cyber security from scanning and testing to securing the State of South Dakota's application infrastructure from cyber criminals and threats.

  • Rory is the Administrator for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and oversees state government's complex application integration projects which currently utilize Oracle JCAPS technology.

  • Barry is responsible for the z/OS operating system and associated subsystems as well as management of the mainframe disk subsystem.

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