Challenges Impacting BIT

We know how important it is to try to stay ahead of the ever-evolving technology landscape. BIT staff continue to work collaboratively with our clients and partners to gather information on new technologies while weighing the benefits as well as the conflicts. As much as this can be a challenge, it is just as much an opportunity to improve our systems and processes, better align our security measures and ensure that we recruit and retain a highly skilled workforce to continue achieving our mission and strategic goals.

Security continues to be the number one challenge for BIT due to the fact that our state’s data and technology systems are an attractive target to organized crime. We must secure these targets from criminals, hostile foreign governments and malicious cyber-attacks. BIT studies the attack vectors to better understand their operations and to better defend state resources. We continue to educate state employees on cyber security awareness and how they can best protect their work efforts. This blog is also a great resource for security updates, videos and online tips. We continue to secure the state’s remote technology services for employees as security systems and vendors continue to lag behind in creating cost effective tools to manage and secure the expansion of personal technologies that connect to the state’s computing infrastructure and services.

Throughout 2013, we will continue to standardize the processes of the technology roadmap, to provide a routine and valued part of every agency’s annual technology budget and planning process. This will allow us to improve the modernization of the state’s legacy technologies and produce new functionalities to help reduce state agency technology costs.

Currently, a shortage of software developers exists across the country. Aging staff combined with expanding skillset needs is also a challenge we must address as we strive to retain qualified staff in the data center, engineering and local programming production fields.

In order to compete, we know the focus exists on talent; establishing an infrastructure that aligns dispersed teams with effectiveness; along with improving our image, both internally and externally. To improve retention, the focus shifts to job enrichment; salary adjustments; achievement and personal growth; career advancement; market value and working conditions. BIT employment opportunities can be found on our website and throughout the blog.

Specific client initiatives that will have an impact on the state’s information and technology infrastructure include Governor Daugaard’s Criminal Justice Initiative, the conversion to the new Medicaid Management Information System and the Health Insurance Exchange project. 

Look for more updates to come on the progress of these challenges and initiatives throughout the year.

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