A Little Bit About BIT

For those of you looking for some quick facts on what our business is comprised of within state government; here is a little bit more about BIT.
  • Divisions within BIT: Administration, Development, Data Center, Telecommunications and South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB). Individually and collectively, these divisions are committed to providing quality customer services and partnerships with our clients to ensure the state’s information and technology organization is responsive, reliable and well-aligned to support the business needs of the State of South Dakota.

  • Broadband Grants Awarded: During 2012, the South Dakota Broadband Initiative awarded grants to 41 community anchor institutions across 31 South Dakota communities, supporting projects and technology upgrades totaling over $317,000. 

  • Public Broadcasting Hours: In 2012, South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) produced over 430 hours of local programming through high school sports, activities and championships, Statehouse, Dakota Life, Garden Line, South Dakota Focus, Dakota Digest, Dakota Midday and daily spots/news.

  • Connecting the K-12 World: The state’s Digital Dakota Network (DDN) connects 126,759 K-12 public school students, 8,941 K-12 public school teachers, and 521 K-12 public school administrators across 151 public school districts to the Internet, to distance learning and video conferencing systems, to centralized applications and systems for course management, Virtual High School services, email, web hosting and more.

  • 2,600 databases: The data center manages and maintains approximately 2,600 databases for our clients and approximately 700 websites and web applications.

  • Wireless Access Points: BIT manages and operates nearly 650 wireless access points across more than 200 buildings and locations throughout the state.

  • 90 years of public radio: Today, public radio covers 95 percent of the state with 10 full power transmitters and 9 translators (low power transmitters) with online live-streaming available via computers and mobile devices. South Dakota Public Radio celebrated 90 years of broadcasting in May 2012.

  • Over 20,000 Two-Way Radios: BIT manages over 20,000 mobile and portable two-way radios for state government and local first responders using a common interoperable State Radio System with 54 towers

For more information on the services provided, please visit the Services section of our website.

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