Small Town Offers Computer & Broadband Training

In an effort to increase Internet services, the small South Dakota town of Kennebec has been offering several computer and broadband training classes for their community members. With local advertising and word of mouth by community members, the classes have been well attended.

When Kennebec Telephone Company, Inc. polled their land-line phone customers and asked why they did not have Internet service, the two biggest reasons were: "I do not have a computer." and "I do not know how to use a computer."  The company then came up with an educational program to increase Internet service adoption that involved obtaining donated computers from the local school district and offering training courses.

"The Lyman County school district donated computers to individuals that met training requirements," stated Jason Thiry, marketing manager for the Kennebec Telephone Company, Inc. "In order to receive the computers, attendees were required to complete training classes on basic computer operations, email standards along with web surfing practices and Internet safety tips. They were also required to sign up for or prove that they had broadband service."

Additional and advanced training classes will be offered in the future. For information or to learn more, please check out the Kennebec Telephone Company, Inc. website.

For more information on other broadband expansion efforts in South Dakota and to find out how you can get involved at the community level, please visit the South Dakota Broadband Initiative and connect with us on:

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