Enterprise Application Integration

BIT will soon undergo a replacement of the current Oracle JCAPS, the state’s aging Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Application Integration standard. The new ESB will allow the State of South Dakota to pursue a Service Oriented Architecture which turns code, web services, and common data calls into searchable, manageable services to be re-used across the enterprise.

So what does this mean? This new architecture will make it easier to integrate diverse and non-conformant systems and will reduce development time for applications. Permanent installation of the new product is set to begin soon and staff will begin to operate with the new
product shortly after the new year.

Earlier today, BIT staff were recognized for their ability to thoroughly analyze and develop the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Proof of Concept, evaluate proposals and effectively manage the process.

Many thanks to Pat Snow, Adam Emerson, Rory Ehlers, Jeff Meyer, Chad Severson and Daryl Ramquist. They are definitely appreciated for all they do to improve state technology services.

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