NOW AVAILABLE: Results of the 2012 Internet Usage in SD's Agricultural Community Survey

In early 2012, the South Dakota Broadband Initiative (SDBI), in partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), conducted the Internet Usage in South Dakota’s Agricultural Community survey. This 24-question survey was delivered to 6,500 agricultural producers across South Dakota aimed at discovering the impact of broadband on current agricultural operations across the state. 

The survey requested information from agricultural producers on whether or not they have Internet, how they are utilizing it, and would they use it more if it was available, faster, and more affordable. The results of the survey assist in the identification of where the state needs to build or improve broadband services and speeds in South Dakota. 

Of the 6,500 surveys that were mailed out, responses were received from over 2,300 farmers and ranchers across the state, which allowed staff to gather data and information that contributes to a state and national effort helping improve broadband connectivity in rural areas, and most importantly the communities across South Dakota.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the Internet Usage in South Dakota’s Agricultural Community survey. The input has been very valuable to the project. High-speed broadband Internet continues to expand educational opportunities, improve public safety, enhance health care activities and bring economic growth to the region.

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