Vendor Standards & Requirements for IT Projects

Earlier this week, additional information was posted to specific to vendors seeking IT business opportunities with the State of South Dakota. There are requirements and standards for IT related projects that must be implemented prior to placing a project or service into production and we wanted to make sure that vendors were able to easily access the content and know full-well the requirements that are expected of them.

Information available to vendors includes, but is not limited to: software and hardware standards, requests for proposals and contract processes, bidding procedures, web development, hosting and security standards.

Also available is a direct link to the South Dakota Vendor Manual which contains answers to frequently asked questions when working with the state. Vendors can register to place bids with the state and access other updates and relevant information at the Bureau of Administration's website, which oversees all vendor registrations.

The direct link to the content on the BIT website is: Additional information and updates can be found here as it relates to vendor requirements and standards for IT projects in state government.

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