Broadband Technology Grant Awarded to Pierre School

Back in July,  the South Dakota Broadband Initiative announced and awarded technology grants to 15 institutions across the state. One of the awards was presented to St. Joseph School in Pierre earlier this week. They received a grant in the amount of $12,673.44 (included in this amount is the requirement that the school provide a 20 percent matching investment) to help improve the technology infrastructure at the school.

The project funding provided the following technology improvements: 
  • Four HP Gigabit Ethernet Switches to replace ten year old 10/100 switches.
  • A new Foritnet Firewall to replace the previous Sonicwall Firewall.
  • New HP Desktop computers with Windows 7 to replace five to eight year old Windows XP computers.
  • Two new HP Servers to replace eight to ten year old HP DL360 G1 servers.
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