BIT Data Center

You might figure that the state's IT agency has its own Data Center, but do you really know what that means, what it involves and what functionalities it brings to state government? Hopefully this article can provide some insight to help employees, customers and others understand what it is all about.

The BIT Data Center is responsible for providing application hosting, data storage and retrieval, web support, email and remote desktop and application access. It is made up of three programs: Database Administration, Technical Administration and Integration, Systems and Operations.

         Database Administration
  • Data access, including optimization of more than 2,000 databases and tens of thousands of database queries. 
  • Maintain backup\recovery procedures to recover data in case of a loss or a local disaster. 
  • Maintain over a dozen enterprise class database systems for use by state agencies. 
         Technical Administration and Integration 
  • E-mail Services
    • Provide e-mail services to approximately 8,500 state government email accounts.
    • Secure, private and reliable e-mail services for all branches of government as well as constitutional and elected offices.
    • Restore services in the event of a disaster.
    • Maintain compliance with federal e-discovery requirements.  
    • Protection from malicious e-mails and spam.
    • Support listservs and distribution lists.
    • Maintain integration of state government and K-12 e-mail systems to effectively manage costs.

  • Web Administration
    • Provide computing services to make agency web applications available to the public.
    • Provide tracking data to help agencies monitor web content.

  • Server and Cloud Computing
    • Provide computing services for agencies to host non-web applications in a robust infrastructure. 

  • Storage
    • Provide storage for data, images, video, databases and other applications statewide.

  • Account Management and Security
    • Manage and protect network accounts, passwords, groups and file permissions. 
     Systems and Operations   

  • Information Technology Infrastructure
    • Design, install and continued operation of the IT infrastructure statewide.
    • Integrate IT products into solutions to meet the State of South Dakota's computer needs. 

  • Data and Disaster Recovery
    • Maintain federal funding flow into the state by meeting federal backup and disaster recovery requirements.  
    • Recover deleted files in a timely and appropriate manner.

  • Operational Support
    • Ensure agency processes operate timely and appropriately.
    • Produce documents needed by citizens such as: child support and health care provider payments, hunting and fishing licenses, vital records and more.
    • Interface with federal and private entities on behalf of the State of South Dakota and its constituents.

  • Client System Monitoring
    • Monitor agency systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Ensure a secure location for state government data.
    • Provide assistance through the Help Desk during off hours.

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