Centralization of IT Services

Centralization of information and technology (IT) services...what exactly does that mean? Most state governments do not practice it, but wish that they did, and it is something that South Dakota has been doing for quite some time.

The centralization of IT services was mandated for the State of South Dakota in 1996.  Since that date, centralization has accomplished tremendous financial and technology efficiencies for the state.

Not only does our agency provide technology services to the Executive Branch, but also to the Judicial and Legislative branches, constitutional offices, higher education, K-12 school districts, and local, federal and tribal governments.

By requiring only one mainframe and using virtualized servers (also referred to as the "cloud”), our clients often gain a cost savings by sharing the same hardware and software. Our agency also supports isolated equipment to meet unique needs (such as the Lottery computers). Many more services however, are shared by everyone and we act as the Internet Service Provider for 175,000  clients, in a state of approximately 810,000 citizens (state government alone has over 13,000 employees).

Learn more about how the centralization and standardization of IT services came to be in the State of South Dakota by checking out our website.

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