Please Welcome New Employee Nathan Golen!

Nathan Golen has recently joined BIT as a Software Engineer. Originally from Duluth Minnesota, Nathan’s dad was in the Air Force so he has lived in places such as North Dakota, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Japan!

Nathan attended Dakota State University (DSU) where he double-majored in Computer Game Design and Computer Science. Prior to working for BIT, Nathan worked at Dairy Queen as a chef.

He is most looking forward to being able to contribute to a larger system while working at BIT. In his free time, Nathan enjoys developing video games, writing music, writing narratives, creating art, and programming. He explained, “I also create chainmail armor from electric fence wire and from time to time learn languages such as Japanese or the arcane (no longer spoken) Old Norse.”

Welcome to BIT, Nathan! We are excited to have you here!

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